Kenny Lee Wee Ting

Founder, Earthlings Coffee Workshop Sdn. Bhd. and Elementary Coffee Roasters Sdn. Bhd.
Coffeologist Education is no doubt the most professional and comprehensive coffee education program that I have ever countered. Instead of seeing coffee as a marketing-oriented commodity, in this educational program, we learn to look at coffee from a natural science perspective. It gives us a better and fairer overview of various species and varieties of coffees instead of pursuing some fashion standards that may not reflect the real essence of what coffee truly is.
The program also dives into the cultural and historical perspectives of coffee, for one to learn how human and coffee interacted and inter-evolved over thousands of years. For me, Master Coffeologist does not mark the highest level of coffee education. It secures us onto the right path to further understand coffee in a more scientific and anthropological approach.

Rave Sun Kwok

Co-founder of Earthlings Coffee Workshop

If there should ever be a coffee curriculum taught in university, the Coffeologist Education program would be the first on my recommendation list. Having experience in different programs since the beginning of my coffee career, this program is the only one that could truly convince and stimulate me intellectually. Dr Steffen Schwarz has done a great job in providing me with an innovative learning experience based on an Oxford teaching technique that painted interesting stories into a network of vast coffee knowledge; from farm to business and history to culture. What draws it apart from other certification programs is that you can always get a reliable evidence-based answer when you ask “Why?” in class. So if you really want to know something to the roots and not just have another piece of paper to hang on your wall, join a Coffeology class and experience it yourself.

Wong Tsz Lung, Kenneth

Operation Trainer from Sunrise F&B Consultancy Limited
The Coffeologist Education provide deeper insight, technical and experiential knowledge about coffee, subjects of the Coffeologist Education form a coherent whole.
During twelve days of intensive training, I got more inspiration about coffee in various areas. Motivation has come up to dig deeper into all relevant knowledge such as natural science, the effect of cultural differences on the perceptions of coffee, and practical plantation situation shared by Farmers.
From the technical aspect, I have developed consolidated skills and competencies based on the scientific findings and theories. Besides, I have discovered the true meaning of the word "Brewing".
This course is definitely a great start to coffee knowledge and huge amount of valuable personal experiences shared by Dr. Schwarz.

Pang Choon Ming

Current employment with Marco Beverage Systems  Ltd as Asia Pacific Technical and Sales Manager

Coffeelogist courses provides an extensive overview of coffee knowledge with a scientific and historic approach that many reputable courses do not cover. It is exclusive to Coffee Consulate as it is backed by detailed research by which Dr Steffen, the founder, often engages in as a reputable, no-nonsense academic. Being a Master Coffeelogist do enable one to question and search deeper with clarity towards many issues that faces the coffee world today, ranging from coffee species, growth, harvesting to detailed information such as the science behind the sensory and taste of different cultures and their derivative of coffee making styles.

Michael Nummer

Inhaber Suite au Chocolate

Meinen Anspruch im eigenen Café, dem Gast immer das perfekte Erlebnis zu bereiten, brachte mich dazu mich mit dem Thema Kaffee genauer zu beschäftigen. 2012 absolvierte ich die Coffeologen-Ausbildung. Hier merkte ich schnell, das das vermittelte Wissen nicht nur gut und einprägsam aufbereitet und vermittelt wird, sondern auf einem wissenschaftlichen Fundament steht. Ein Ansatz der meiner Neugierde sehr entgegen kommt und den ich so bei anderen Weiterbildungen nicht erlebt habe. Der Abschluss zum Master-Coffeologen brachte nicht nur tiefere Einblicke in das Gesamt-Spektrum Kaffee, sondern konnte mein Blickfeld, basierend auf neusten Forschungen und Erkenntnissen immer stärker weiten. Das erlangte Verständnis ist breit und tief zugleich und Zusammenhänge erschließen sich einfacher. Die gewonnene Sachkenntnis hilft mir in der Qualitätssicherung, der Entwicklung neuer Produkte und in der Schulung von Mitarbeitern und Teilnehmern meiner Kurse.

Certified Coffeologists

Billman, Martin
Czogalla, Mark
Dachale, Stefan
Ehlers, Ulrich
Harenburg, Maik
Nummer, Michael
Ute, Rusdorf
Sterzer, Stefanie
Zimmerman, Bianca
Ho, Chun Wai
Wong, Tsz Lung
Dr. Lee Wee Ting, Kenny
Kueh, Huang soon RonnieMalaysia
Kwok, Rave SunMalaysia
Lee, Chai Yien FlolinaMalaysia
Lee, Li NaMalaysia
Low, Tong HowMalaysia
Yong , Chong KongMalaysia
Pang Choon, MingSingapur11.12.17
Chen, Yen ChuTaiwan10.08.19
Kao, Hsiao WenTaiwan
Liu, Yu-WeiTaiwan
Tsai, Chih-YingTaiwan
Tsai, Chih-YuTaiwan
Tsai, Hsing-PuTaiwan
Tzeng, Shiuan-YeTaiwan
Hemvijtraphan, KulthidaThailand11.12.17
Pisanbunjerdkul, RueangLinladaThailand
Suriyaworakul, ParinadaThailand
Yonnameth, KanyaThailand
Youngprapakorn, KornvikaThailand

Master Coffeologists

Czogalla, MarkGermany09.12.15-29.03.20
Dachale, StefanGermany09.02.16-09.02.18
Ehlers, UlrichGermany09.05.18-10.03.21
Harenburg, MaikGermany25.02.21-25.02.23
Nummer, MichaelGermany09.10.20-09.10.22
Rusdorf, UteGermany09.05.18-16.06.21
Wong, Tsz LungHongkong01.09.18-01.09.20
Dr. Lee Wee Ting, KennyMalaysia
Kwok, Rave SunMalaysia14.04.19-14.04.21
Pang Choon, MingSingapur11.12.17-11.12.19
Pisanbunjerdkul, RueangLinladaThailand12.09.22-currently
Yonnameth, KanyaThailand
Youngprapakorn, KornvikaThailand