CoffeeBasics AromaWheel


Product number: EM007.EN
CoffeeBasics AromaWheel
Describing aromas of coffee and espresso roasts is important yet difficult. The Coffee Consulate AromaWheel is a fantastic aid for objectively describing aroma groups and their intensities.
It provides an overview in eleven aroma groups, divided into subgroups, allowing roasted coffee to be clearly described. Details: The AromaWheel is available as a poster in DIN A1 format in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.
Korean, Russian, Danish and Chinese are in development.
Associated flavour profiles are available for download on our website in the following languages:
– English
– German
– Spanish
– Dutch
– Danish
– Russian
– Trad. Chinese

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December 23, 2020 07:11

Von: Kenny

Our favorite Coffee Flavors Wheel System

Coffee Consulate's CoffeeBasic AromaWheel is by far the easiest tool that one could have in hand when venturing into coffee’s flavors with simple understanding. It is not only based on scientific research (especially from chemistry progression point of view), it is also the most simple flavors notes that one could easily associate to in a cup of coffee. Coffee flavors could be very subjective. However, in the Coffee Consulate’s CupTaster course especially, students would be guided to taste coffee not only from the flavors on the list, but also to taste coffee in an objective way.