Product number: EM005.EN
The CoffeeBasics teaching and training poster set covers 12 subject areas across the world of coffee. From the origin of coffee to roasting green coffee. The subject areas are presented in detail with images and info-graphics in a clear DIN A1 format. The following graphic provides an overview of the poster.
The posters are suitable for training purposes, as display items or as information boards and come in a practical size for illustrating the various coffee subjects areas. The route taken by coffee from its country of origin to the hands of a roastmaster can be easily traced via the precise explanations, commentaries and descriptions, providing an ideal central thread for all types of training and information events.
12 coffee subject areas on strong poster paper (135 g/sq m) in DIN A1 format.The 12-piece poster set contains the following posters:
  • Botany & origin
  • Cultivation & yield
  • Harvest
  • Wet milling
  • Processing
  • Drying & hulling
  • Export processing
  • Coffee bags
  • Roasting process
  • Roasting profiles
  • Defects in raw coffee
  • Size classification for green coffee

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