Flavour type and Concentration
Product number: GK-12x10-Mixed
The TasteKit comprises four flavour types, each in three concentrations. The indiviual substances "sweet", "salty", "sour", "bitter" are included in 2 ml snap-off ampules intended for dilution in 150 ml of water.
The TasteKit allows various tests to be performed to assess and train sensory skills. The kit is suitable for training for irritant, recognition, discrimination and saturation threshold tests.
The TasteKit is available in homogeneous or mixed versions. There are various combination options for test runs with individual or mixed substances.

TasteKit (mixed) contents:
12 packs of 10 ampules in 4 flavour types (sweet, bitter, salty, sour), each in 3 concentrations

TasteKit (homogeneous) contents:
12 packs of 10 ampules of one flavour (sweet, bitter, salty, sour) in one concentration = 120 identical ampules

TasteKit contents (10 ampules):
1 pack of 10 ampules of one flavour and concentration

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August 31, 2022 21:50

Von: Ennio

Very easy to use and useful

I am using these TasteKit during all my Sensory Skills trainings (SCA or not SCA). It is very useful to prepare the taste solutions in water (hot/cold) or into coffee to modify the taste of coffee. I strongly recommend this TasteKit for all coffeelab.

December 23, 2020 06:59

Von: Kenny

The Must Have TasteKit for all Coffee Lab

The TasteKit from Coffee Consulate in my opinion is the must have product in all coffee labs. Especially the AcidKit which is a long waited product for us. It is the One product that could greatly enhance the precision of the quality and intensity of acidities in our cup tasting training. This product enhances your skill not only to taste different types of acid quality that is often found in your coffee, but it could also enable you to justify the quantity of acid in a cup of coffee.