The company

Coffee Consulate is an independent training and research centre that works on the basis of scientific knowledge and research. In addition to various one-day modular workshops, which can also be bundled together, it offers individually designed training courses for the coffee industry and coffee suppliers (hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, etc.)

The most complex programme is the training to become a coffeologist, which includes 12 different one-day workshops and covers the entire value chain from bean to cup. The Coffeologist Training builds on the CoffeeConnaisseur, which in six days presents the essential basics of coffee cultivation and processing, botanical basics, the characteristics of coffees from different countries of origin and the fundamental principles of sensory analysis, aroma science and cuptasting (professional coffee tasting). The second week of the Coffeologist Training can be chosen in different inclinations, which can be chosen from baristas, roasters, technicians, managers or farmers.

All training courses can be booked and attended as individual one-day workshops, bundled two- or three-day training courses, or six-day training courses, and can also be further combined later on and bundled into a training or education block.

We are always developing new programs and offer special workshops and master classes with special topics and various internationally recognized speakers.