Training Center

Our training centre offers two theory rooms (up to 12 people), a cup-tasting room, a teaching and research roasting room, two practice rooms for various coffee preparation techniques and a lecture room. The training participants have the opportunity to gain personal experience and learn on various machines. Our lobby with furniture made of coffee wood and a south-facing terrace and a roof terrace facing our garden are available as break rooms, which leave the opportunity for private exchange with other workshop participants or time for a short processing of emails or other important tasks. Learning in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is very important to us.

Our workshops have different proportions of theory and practice and can range from pure theory workshops to practice-dominated workshops. Further information about the individual workshops, their contents and procedures can be found in the course descriptions.

Our trainers have a long-standing background in the coffee industry and in our group of companies. Various specialists from the field of working as baristas, roasters, technicians, entrepreneurs or coffee growers.

We have a worldwide network of various specialists from research and industry who have expertise in almost all fields of coffee production, processing, marketing or preparation.

Within walking distance are various supermarkets with bakeries or a few catering establishments, as well as the cafeteria of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. Directly adjacent to our training centre are extensive fields which invite you to take short walks during your lunch break.