RS16 BrewingStation


Product number: CP003
RS16 BrewingStation
The RS16-Brewing Station is a brewing station made of high-quality stainless steel with space for six RS16 intense extraction glass filters. It is ideal for use in roasteries for the cuptasting of specialty coffees as well as for the preparation of individual cups of filter coffee in coffee-shops.
The Brewing Station is supplied without glass filters.

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September 9, 2022 01:47

Von: Juan

Worth it

After participating at some workshops at Coffee Consulate. We were using the RS-16 for quick brew preparation methods. The perks of using cups of glass with filters at the bottom without any kind of paper filter in between also helped to notice that the coffee in fact can taste different when being absorbed by the pulp/paper texture when dripping to the cup. It facilitates for a more natural and reliable procedure of brewing individual cups. Also has a neat look if using it at the coffee bar when serving customers. Easy to clean, just need to be very careful when cleaning the glass filters.

August 31, 2022 21:56

Von: Ennio

Another Brewing technique !

I bought the RS-16 station with glass and metallic RS-16 filters in order to compare with other filter media (paper, cotton). I needed to play with coarser grind settings, but at the end, the extractions were very clean. I recommend this brewing station when you want to brew more coffees with the same equipment. The option with single cupper is also possible making this RS-16 very flexible and easy to use.