CoffeologistEducation "Technician"


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CoffeologistEducation "Technician"
High coffee quality can only be achieved through an in-depth understanding of the entire coffee value chain. Following the model of sommeliers and oenologists, we have developed a course for coffeologists to be representatives of the entire "bean-to-cup" process, whose knowledge and field of activity extends beyond that of a standard barista.

The CoffeologistEducation uses a scientific approach to deliver intense knowledge of the cultivation, processing, botany, defects and their causes, sensors, cuptasting and coffee aromas as well as the fundamentals of barista work, roasting and management of coffee shops.

The CoffeologistEducation is aimed at coffee technicians, roasters, developers, trainers and managers throughout the coffee industry.

The CoffeologistEducation includes 12 Single-Day-Workshops:
Day 1, Monday: CoffeeProduction
Day 2, Tuesday: CoffeeTaxonomy
Day 3, Wednesday: CoffeeProvenances
Day 4, Thursday: CoffeeSensors
Day 5, Friday: Cuptasting
Day 6, Saturday: CoffeeAromas
Day 7, Monday: WaterScience
Day 8, Tuesday: CoffeeGrinding
Day 9, Wednesday: CoffeeExtraction
Day 10, Thursday: MachineSettings
Day 11, Friday: CoffeeMenue
Day 12, Saturday: TroubleShooting

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