Coffee & Sustainability

What we have to do to still be able to drink coffee tomorrow.

Typica - Taming the wilderness

Typica coffees are the coelacanths of the coffee varieties. They are the origin of cultivated coffee.

S 795 - Flavour of India

Admittedly, the name does not sound as good as "Bourbon", "Tipica", "Caturra", "Maragogype" and "Gesha".

Hibrido de Timor - resistance at all levels

Hybrido de Timor is next to S795 another Arabicoid, a cross between the species C. Arabica and C. Canephora.

Bourbon - Rain island in the Indian Ocean

Bourbon is a good name - we know it from vanilla and coffee.

Liberica - the forgotten kind

An appeal for the renaissance of the sweetest and most aromatic coffee in the world